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- Preservation the confidentiality of information

Wiki Markup\- Submission to the relevant regulatory authority a ten-year network plan every year \ [art. 22 Dir.  22 Dir. 2009/72/EC EC (electricity) and art. 22 Dir.  22 Dir. 2009/73/EC (gas)\].  \\ 

Equipment and structureunmigrated-wiki-markup

Member states have to ensure that TSOs are equipped with all human, technical, physical and financial resources necessary for fulfilling the aforementioned obligations \ [art. 17 Dir. 17 Dir. 2009/72/EC EC (electricity) and art. 17 Dir. 17 Dir. 2009/73/EC (gas)\]. Furthermore Member states have to ensure the independence of TSOs \ [art. 18, 19 Dir. 19 Dir. 2009/72/EC EC (electricity) and art. 18, 19 Dir. 19 Dir. 2009/73/EC (gas)\].

Wiki MarkupThe directives oblige TSOs to have a supervisory body which can take decisions with a significant impact on the value of the assets as well as implement compliance programmes in order to ensure a non-discriminatory conduct \ [art. 20, 21 Dir.  20, 21 Dir. 2009/72/EC EC (electricity) and art. 20, 21 Dir.  20, 21 Dir. 2009/73/EC (gas)\]. \\


Currently, 42 European TSOs are part of the European Network of Electricity Transmission System Operators ENTSO-E: