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- Technical management of tranismission transmission flows

- Providing sufficient information to any operator of other systems which are connected to the transmission system


- Dispatching of generating installations and balancing (electricity)

- Preservation the confidentiiality confidentiality of information

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\- Submission to the relevant regulatory authority a ten-year network plan every year \[art. 22 Dir. 2009/72/EC (electricity) and art. 22 Dir. 2009/73/EC (gas)\]. 


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The directives oblige TSOs to have a supervisory body which can take decisions with a significant impact on the value of the assets as well as implement compliance programmes in order to ensure a non-discriminatory conduct \[art. 20, 21 Dir. 2009/72/EC (electricity) and art. 20, 21 Dir. 2009/73/EC (gas)\].\\

In return for providing access to the transmission grid, the TSO receives network access tariffs from the users.