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  • Philip Brinkmann
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Institut für Mathematik
Freie Universität Berlin
AG Diskrete Geometrie

Arnimallee 2
Room 106
D-14195 Berlin 
 +49 30 838 75651



Since September 2013 I am a student in the research training group Methods for Discrete Structures, and the Berlin Mathematical School. Whithin these programs I do my PhD in mathematics with Günter M. Ziegler at Freie Universität Berlin. In my PhD project I work on a better understanding of the sets of flag vectors of polytopes, spheres and Eulerian lattices, where I am particuliarly interested in the questions in to which extend these sets coincide and where the differences are.

Before I started my PhD I studied mathematics at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (B.Sc.), University of Swansea (ERASMUS Semester), and Freie Universität Berlin (M.Sc.).

Besides math, I'm interested in Ultimate Frisbee, kajaking and music (Marimbaphone, timps, percussion). I'm married with Geeske Brinkmann.

Conferences and Talks


  • K. Adiprasito, P. Brinkmann, A. Padrol, P. Paták, Z. Patáková, R. Sanyal, Colorful simplicial depth, Minkowski sums, and generalized Gale transforms; arXiv:1607.00347
  • P. Brinkmann, G. M. Ziegler, A flag vector of a 3-sphere that is not the flag vector of a 4-polytope; arXiv:1506.08148, to appear in Mathematika, London
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